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The 2nd Coming of Jesus (Isa Ibn Maryam)

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According to Islam, the second coming of Jesus, also known as Isa (peace be upon him), holds significant importance. Islamic beliefs differ from Christian beliefs about this event, as they consider Jesus to be a prophet and a messenger of Allah.

In Islamic teachings, it is believed that Jesus will return to earth as a just leader and a follower of the teachings of Islam. His return is seen as a sign of the end times and the Day of Judgment. The purpose of his second coming is to bring justice, peace, and harmony on earth and to defeat the false messiah, known as Dajjal.

It is believed that Jesus will descend from the heavens to the eastern minaret of the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, Syria. From there, he will lead the Ummah (Muslim community) in the final battle against the forces of evil. Jesus will join forces with the Mahdi, a messianic figure who will emerge before the Last Day, to establish justice, eliminate oppression, and establish a reign of righteousness.

During his second coming, Jesus will also address some misconceptions and beliefs associated with him by clarifying that he is not divine and that he never claimed to be the son of God. He will advocate monotheism and affirm the oneness of Allah. Jesus’ return will unite Muslims and Christians in their belief in one God and His message.

It is important to note that the Islamic understanding of the second coming of Jesus varies among different scholars and interpretations. However, the belief in Jesus’ return as a just ruler and a prophet of Islam remains consistent in Islamic teachings.

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