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Angel Mikaeel in Islam

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In Islam, Angel Mikaeal (also spelled Mika’il) is one of the four archangels and is responsible for overseeing the natural world, including the weather and the seasons, as well as the distribution of sustenance to all living beings.

According to Islamic tradition, Angel Mikaeal is said to have been created by Allah from the purest crystal. He is described as having 600 wings, each of which is as wide as the distance from the East to the West. He is also said to be the most handsome of all the angels, with a face that radiates light.

Angel Mikaeal is mentioned in several places in the Quran, including Surah Al-Baqarah, where he is referred to as “the angel of rain,” and in Surah Al-An’am, where he is mentioned alongside Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) as being one of the two angels who bring revelation to the prophets.

One of the most well-known stories about Angel Mikaeal in Islamic tradition is the story of his encounter with Prophet Musa (Moses). According to the story, Musa asked Allah to allow him to see the angel who was in charge of distributing sustenance to all living beings. Allah granted his request and told him to go to a particular location where he would find Angel Mikaeal.

When Musa arrived at the location, he saw a beautiful bird with a lustrous plumage. He followed the bird, which led him to Angel Mikaeal. Mikaeal greeted Musa and invited him to join him in distributing sustenance to all living beings. Mikaeal then showed Musa a pile of food and asked him to distribute it to all living beings in the world. Musa was amazed and questioned how he could possibly do that, but Mikaeal simply told him to trust in Allah.

Against all odds, Musa was able to distribute the food to all living beings in the world, and in the end, he realized the power of Allah and the importance of having faith in Him.

In Islamic tradition, Angel Mikaeal is revered for his role in overseeing the natural world and for his unwavering faith in Allah. He is a symbol of strength, beauty, and perseverance, and is a reminder to Muslims of the power and mercy of Allah.

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