25 Simple Duas in English

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O Allah You are the most Merciful and Compassionate. You are the King and most Powerful. You are the One and Only God worthy of our worship and praise. All Praise and Thanks for You. Ya Allah send peace and blessings upon our beloved prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah and all his followers and descendants. Ya Allah accept the following (Duas/Supplications).

  1. “O Allah, forgive me and have mercy on me.”
  2. “O Allah, guide me on the straight path.”
  3. “O Allah, protect me from evil and harm.”
  4. “O Allah, grant me success in this life and the Hereafter.”
  5. “O Allah, bless my family and loved ones.”
  6. “O Allah, grant me good health and cure any ailments.”
  7. “O Allah, provide me with abundant sustenance.”
  8. “O Allah, ease my hardships and difficulties.”
  9. “O Allah, grant me knowledge and wisdom.”
  10. “O Allah, increase me in faith and sincerity.”
  11. “O Allah, protect me from the whispers of Shaytan.”
  12. “O Allah, bless my endeavors and grant me success.”
  13. “O Allah, forgive my parents and have mercy on them.”
  14. “O Allah, grant me a righteous spouse and pious children.”
  15. “O Allah, help me overcome my bad habits and sins.”
  16. “O Allah, grant me patience and contentment.”
  17. “O Allah, help me in times of distress and sadness.”
  18. “O Allah, guide me in making righteous choices.”
  19. “O Allah, forgive my shortcomings and weaknesses.”
  20. “O Allah, protect me from pride and arrogance.”
  21. “O Allah, grant me strength and courage.”
  22. “O Allah, help me be grateful for your blessings.”
  23. “O Allah, grant me sincerity in all my actions.”
  24. “O Allah, make me a source of goodness for others.”
  25. “O Allah, accept my prayers and supplications.
  26. “O Allah send peace and blessings upon prophet Muhammad and all his followers.

Allahuma amiin

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